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ملک بھر میں جمادی الاول 1445ھ کاچاند نظر نہیں آیا.

ملک بھر میں جمادی الاول 1445ھ کاچاند نظر نہیں آیا، لہٰذایکم جمادی الاول 1445ھ بروزجمعرات 16 نومبرکوہوگی۔

جمادی الاول 1445ھ کاچاند According to the details, a meeting of the Central Tradition Halal Committee was held in Islamabad under the chairmanship of Chairman Maulana Abdul Khabir Azad to see the moon of Jumad Al-Awwal. In which the moon of Jumadi Awal was not seen from any part of the country.

Chairman Central Traditions Halal Committee, while holding a press conference, said that the moon of Jumad Al-Awwal was not seen from any area, so it will be 1st Jumad Al Awal on November 16, Thursday.

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Maulana Abdul Khabirazad said on the ongoing tension in the Middle East that love for the country is part of our faith, more than 10,000 scholars of Pakistan issued a fatwa against suicide and terrorism.

He said that Israel is perpetrating the worst oppression on the Palestinians and has taken terrorism to the extreme. In the OIC conference, the Muslim rulers should represent the Ummah, Palestine and the First Qibla, if they do not support the Muslims of Uzzah. History will not forgive us, international institutions have to play their role.

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