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8171 SMS Registration Latest update August 2023 

8171 SMS Registration Check Online

8171 SMS Registration There is good news for the poor and deserving people who want to be eligible for SMS registration. They can do their registration at home by SMS to BISP 8171. You can check your registration online through SMS 8171.

To check CNIC online you have to send your CNIC number to 8171 through your mobile. After that, you have to wait for some time. After verification, you will receive a message on your mobile. In which you will be told about your registration or eligibility.

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 So those who are poor and deserving want to complete their registration. if they want to receive financial assistance from the BISP Program. They can complete their registration process using their mobile phones. This government has introduced a very simple procedure. People who live in remote areas do not have internet facilities. They can do their registration sitting at home. Further, we are guiding you about your registration, so stay with us.

8171 SMS Registration Latest update August 2023 

BISP Mobile Registration Vehicles 2024

For those people who live in remote areas of Sindh and Balochistan where internet facilities are not available, Shazia Marri has started mobile registration vehicles for them. These vehicles will come to your home complete your registration process and make you a part of the BISP program. Through which you will receive the aid amount. 

The number of mobile registration vehicles in BISP is 25. Which will perform its services in remote areas of Sindh and Balochistan. This is a very important initiative taken by the government for the betterment of the poor and deserving people. So that every poor and deserving person can be made a part of the Benazir Income Support Program. They can live their life in a better way and benefit from this program.

8171 SMS Registration Check Online Eligibility

If you are applying for the BISP program for the first time. So you can be sure about the criteria required for approval. The BISP 8171 program is mainly designed to help the poor and deserving people living in Pakistan.

You can easily confirm participation in 8171 BISP through SMS alerts. Every person can apply for the BISP Benazir Income Support Program in Pakistan. If he meets the criteria specified by the Government of Pakistan. So its registration can be completed.

8171 SMS Registration Latest update August 2023 

If you want to check your eligibility online through the registration procedure within SMS 81 then you have to meet the criteria given below.

  • You belong to Pakistan.
  • you are a citizen of Pakistan.
  • You belong to a poor and deserving family.
  • Your income should be less than 35 thousand rupees.
  • You should not have more than two acres of land.
  • You should not have any account opened in any bank.
  • You are not employed in a government department.
  • You do not have a passport to go abroad.
  • You should have your ID card number.
  • You must have a disability certificate.

8171 SMS Free Registration Online 2024

You can complete your registration process by using the BISP 8171 SMS registration facility of the Government of Pakistan. If you want to participate in the BISP Ehsaas Kafalat Program or Benazir Income Support Program.

So you can type your 13-digit ID card number in the SMS box and send it to 8171. After waiting for some time, you will receive a message on your mobile. In which you will be told about your eligibility. Whether you are eligible for the BISP program or not. You can know your status very easily by using the 8171SMS registration facility.

BISP Check By SMS 

You can check your application via SMS to 8171. This is the official code of BISP created by Govt. Which you can use at home and join the Benazir Income Support Program. BISP beneficiary families can know complete details about their eligibility and payment information by sending their National Identity Card to 8171.

If you want to know about your online registration then follow the below procedure.

  • Type your ID card number without dashes. 
  • Send your SMS to 8171. 
  • After verification, you will receive a confirmation SMS.
  • If there is no problem in your CNIC then you will definitely be accepted for this program immediately.

 If your online registration or SMS registration is not completed, you can go to the BISP office and complete your registration. There you have to give all your information properly so that there is no room for any mistake. Otherwise, your registration will not be completed and you will not be eligible for financial assistance.

Online Check BISP 8171 Web Portal

The government has introduced another mechanism which is the BISP 8171 web portal. You can submit your online application by visiting the BISP 8171 web portal. You can get all the details about your application.

Further, you can find solutions to any problem presented in your application. This web portal is introduced for users. So that the poor and deserving people participating in the PSP program can register themselves using this web portal. In case of not registering, you can also file a complaint on this web portal.

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How to BISP Money Check through 8171?

Those who have registered through BISP 8171 and want to know about their money. So you can follow the procedure below.

  • First, you have to go to the SMS box on your mobile.
  • Then you have to type your CNIC in the SMS box. After that send it to 8171. 
  • You have to wait a while.
  • After confirmation, you will be informed whether the money has been transferred to your account or not.

New 2024 Latest Update BISP

The BISP program is a new update from the government of Pakistan that those people who are poor or deserving people who are already getting the BISP program assistance money now have stopped getting the assistance money so Here is good news. the new portal has been introduced. Through which you can easily get your financial aid amount by registering yourself in this program.

You must first visit the official website of the BISP program. After going there you have to enter your CNIC. After entering the four-digit code below, you will be enabled to enter this program. Remember that when you become eligible for this program, you also have to get your aid amount from the BISP program tehsil office.


Ehsaas 8171 program is an organization from Pakistan, in this program, you are given aid money. If you are already eligible for this program to get the aid money, then it is very good news for you that the aid money will start getting in a few days.

Which you can easily get by going to your local area or any Ehsaas program office. According to the new update from the government of Pakistan, you will be told in a few days when you can get your aid money in this program.

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