Mon. May 20th, 2024
Maryam Nawaz Launches Air Ambulance in Punjab to Deal with Emergency Situation

Air Ambulance in Punjab

Air Ambulance in Punjab The launch of Air Ambulance in Punjab has been announced by Maryam Nawaz, the province’s new prime minister. The Punjab Chief Minister will run an air ambulance as part of this endeavor to handle this unusual circumstance. The program was started to help people in Punjab who need quick, life-saving transportation, especially those who live in isolated and difficult-to-reach places.

Thus, the Director of the General Hospital as well as the Chief Minister of Punjab have stated that the establishment of the Maryam Nawaz Ambulance Service is a crucial step that might save a great deal of lives. Maryam Nawaz has made the decision to take this action in order to give emergency medical facilities to people who reside in rural locations and are concerned about their shortage. With the implementation of this step, people hurt in traffic accidents will receive quick aid; getting them to the hospital will be easy, and air ambulances will be helpful in saving their lives. This will enable prompt diagnosis and treatment.

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Air Ambulance Start 2024

Ameer Uddin The director of Lahore General Hospital, Professor Al-Fareed Zafar, stated that CM Maryam Nawaz’s decision to start an ambulance service was warmly appreciated and made in accordance with the demands of the moment. He continued by saying that because of the rise in violence, it is now more difficult to get injured people to hospitals in a timely manner because of everyday mishaps, traffic accidents, accidents on roads, and workplace accidents. For this reason, he said, flying ambulances will be helpful because they can save lives.

Air Ambulance has been launched to deal with emergencies across Punjab. Earlier, hundreds of accidents claimed many lives. It will be easy to save precious lives with the launch of Air Ambulance in Punjab

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And the Minister of Punjab Maryam Nawaz has also instructed the government officials to prepare such plans which will benefit the people. In which full information is provided, people who live in remote areas will be taken care of by Air Ambulance to deal with emergencies. Through this ambulance, thousands of animals will be made easier rather than difficult and it will bring many benefits

Maryam Nawaz Launches Air Ambulance in Punjab to Deal with Emergency Situation

Details For Air Ambulance

InitiativeLaunch of Air Ambulance in Punjab along with Nigheban Program by CM Maryam Nawaz
PurposeStrengthening emergency medical services, providing timely care especially in remote areas, and saving lives through rapid transport
DecisionEstablished during a meeting in Lahore; authorized use of a helicopter for emergency patient transfer
ParticipantsCM Maryam Nawaz, Senior Provincial Minister Maryam Aurangzeb, Adviser Pervaiz Rashid, and other government officials
VisionEstablishing a rescue service 1122 on the motorway; Promising a “new era” and development vision for Punjab

Final Words

In this article, you are told that Maryam Nawaz has recently started an Air Ambulance which will be used to save the lives of patients and it will pay immediately and it will reach people immediately to help them. It would be easy to save many lives with the help of this ambulance that runs on the road at this time of many advances. Who get into accidents and face a lot of difficulties if they do not get immediate help

But this will not happen now, now all the information should be given to you through air ambulance, you will be told through gas, that there is faith in all the information under your help, and that you should provide all the information to you on this call. An ambulance may arrive at your place

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