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Attock Petroleum Limited Offering Internships for Students

Attock Petroleum Internships

Attock Petroleum Internships One of the main names in the petroleum industry is Attock Petroleum Limited, which has announced an exciting internship program for university students. The program covers six weeks during the months of July and August 2023. Students of famous educational institutions have to provide valuable practical experience. They will also take up your educational expenses and teach you to work.

Eligibility Criteria

A standard for internship has been made. Only capable and hardworking students will be given this internship. Only students who meet this standard will be given this internship. This is the following quality.

  • Completion of the third year of the academic degree program
  • Minimum gross or grade point average (CGPA/GPA) 3.0 (from 4.0 m).

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Duty Locations and Residential Considerations:

Attock Petroleum Entrance Score does not provide accommodation facilities, so the company looks forward to a resident of candidates in connection with the proposed duty locations for internship. Duty places of this program include Machik Mahmood Kot Shakirpur Daulatpur and Karachi.


The Internship Program will be given to students holding degrees in the following fields.

Attock Petroleum Internships

  • Bachelor or Master in Accounting & Finance
  • ICMA/AccA Qualification
  • Engineering subjects such as mechanical electricity and civil students

How to Apply

Interested candidates can apply for the internship program by sending their applications to

This internship provided by Attock Petroleum Limited is a unique opportunity for students to have practical experience and honor in the petroleum industry. It is an excellent platform for learning and professionalism that an important role in the country’s talented youth. Gives.

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