Sat. Apr 13th, 2024
Benazir Income Support Program Check Account 9000

A Check Account 9000 has been announced in the BISP program from January 2024. Those families who are registered will start getting Rs 9,000 in 2024. According to the latest update, from January 21, 2024, the amount of 9000 will start to be transferred to the accounts again and the registered women can get their money. The objective of the program is to provide financial assistance to poor people and eradicate poverty.

BISP 9000 Registation 2024

Those who still need to register should register in 2024 and get Raka. Many people still need to register or are facing registration problems despite having registration eligibility. We will tell you how to register and how to solve the registration problems. The complete registration procedure is as follows:

  • First, send your ID card number to 8171 from your registered SIM to your ID card number, you will receive a confirmation message that you are eligible for the Ehsaas program.
  • If you belong to Digital Optical then you should visit the official site of the BISP program. There you will be given a registration form and after entering your information you will be given an instant confirmation reply.
  • If you also visit the BISP program office, then submit your necessary documents after filling out the registration form. You will receive a confirmation SMS detailing that you are eligible for the BISP program.
  • All widows and disabled persons are eligible for the BISP program they should update their data and register themselves in the BISP program now.

Online Registration 2024

Online registration for the BISP program has started. According to the new survey of 2024, eligible individuals and families will be registered in the BISP program. Online Registration Procedure:

  • Visit the official website of the program and you will be given a form for registration
  • Enter your information in the form. 
  • Submit after entering the captcha code. 
  • You will receive a confirmation reply that says congratulations, you are eligible for the BISP program. 
  • Your registration will start and you will be able to get your scholarship.

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Latest Update For BISP 9000

With the new year, new registrations and new Check Account 9000 amounts have been announced. The BISP program will start receiving an amount of 9000. On 21 January 2024, the money will start transferring to the accounts. Registered women can get their money. 

Update your fingerprint and necessary information from NADRA to solve verification issues in the BISP program and get your money. Apart from this, widows and disabled persons are eligible for registration in the program. If they are facing problems in registration then they should get their data updated from NADRA and get registered.

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The BISP 9000 program has started receiving money. Those women who are waiting to get their money after registration. So with the new year, the new amount has been announced. Now all women can get their money. Pakistan has to be financially deserving. The BISP program is for poor families whose poverty score is less than 30% and who are facing difficulty in meeting their basic needs. 

According to this, widows and laborers are also eligible for the program. They should register themselves in the BISP program now and get the money. If there are widows or disabled people around you, register in the BISP program. Many problems are faced during registration. You should update your data from Nadira and register now to support the Pakistan government in making Pakistan stable.