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BISP Nashonuma 1500 Payment Receive Through DHQ Hospital

Benazir Nashonuma Program 2024

BISP Nashonuma 1500 Payment: The Government of Pakistan has launched the Benazir Nashonuma Program to reduce malnutrition under this program monthly stipends will be given to pregnant women So that they can give birth to a healthy baby during pregnancy and be able to eat healthy food The aim of taking this initiative is to help pregnant women as the government of Pakistan has noticed that many families are suffering from poverty Their monthly income is also meager due to which they are deprived of adequate food during pregnancy.

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Due to this many children become victims of death, and a development program has been started to eliminate these problems. Under this program, pregnant women will also be provided with essential medicines during pregnancy and free treatment Apart from this, you will also be provided Rs 1500 per month so that you do not suffer from any disease and can eat healthy food if you or any women in your family want to register in this program But if you don’t know how to register it, then you don’t need to worry, through this article you will be provided with all the information regarding the registration.

BISP Nashonuma 1500 Payment New Update

Many initiatives have been taken by the government to enroll more poor women under this program. Here is some important information about these initiatives. Women can easily get the installment of 1500 after ensuring their eligibility is monthly during pregnancy and after birth until their baby is two years old. You can also get monthly installments during pregnancy. You will also be provided with necessary medicines and kept away from lack of oxygen.

BISP Nashonuma 1500 Payment Receive Through DHQ Hospital

If you have not yet registered for this program, don’t delay now because the government has started the registration. You can go to your nearest DHQ hospital and be on the list of beneficiaries. Enter your name. If you face any kind of problem, you can contact the BISP official number. Representative services are available 24 hours a day to solve your problems.

How To Register for the Nashonuma Program?

Registration for the Benazir Nashonuma Program is going on If you are a woman who is going through the stages of pregnancy and is not able to buy her essential medicines and belongs to a completely poor family, then The good news is that the government of Pakistan has launched a targeted program under which lactating women will be provided Rs 1500 per month so that they can give birth to a healthy baby and eat healthy food during pregnancy. And you can get this aid till your child turns two years old.

To facilitate its registration, DHQ/THQ hospitals have been established where you can go and get your registration done For this you have to bring your national identity card with you and you have to get your medical checkup and go to DHQ/THQ hospital with your reports they will check your reports and after checking your eligibility They will register you in the program and make you a card with the help of this card you can get your treatment for free, it will also include your pregnancy test and delivery.

Registration Through DHQ/THQ Hospital

Benazir Development Program is an initiative of the Government of Pakistan to help pregnant and lactating women. It provides Rs 1500 per month to the women beneficiaries of BISP Daily Life Procedures. DHQ/THQ Hospitals have been set up for registration and eligibility checks of women. Pregnant and lactating women will be treated free of charge, and necessary medicines will also be provided.

If you want to register for this program, visit your nearest DHQ/THQ hospital now And complete the registration process. There, you have to go to the representative at the counter. He will ask you for your personal information, check your reports, and then register you in this program. After ensuring the registration, the government of Pakistan will give you 1500 rupees per month, and complete protection will be provided.

Amount For Nashonuma Program 2024

The rate of poverty is increasing rapidly in Pakistan, due to which the rate of child mortality is also increasing rapidly, the main reason being that due to inflation, pregnant women cannot eat healthy food. Many diseases are faced during pregnancy and childbirth, so the government of Pakistan has launched a developmental program to bring positive change.

Through this program, healthy food will be provided to the women and it has been announced to give 1500 rupees per month to lactating women at the time of birth, BISP has announced to give 50 thousand rupees to the family of A woman who died while giving birth to her child If you want to benefit from this program, visit your nearest hospital and complete your registration.

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