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BISP New Payment Increase 25% - Payment Update July 2023

BISP New Payment Check Update 2024

During the 58th Board meeting of Benazir Income, Federal Minister Shazia Marri confirmed the increase of 25% in the stipend and approved the account beneficiary. The cash assistance will be transferred directly through their bank accounts. The payment model pilot will be introduced in four selected country districts. After the pilot’s success, beneficiaries across the country can open their accounts in banks of their choice.

The pleasure for all Pakistanis is that the amount received by the Benazir Income Support Program has been increased by 25%. Federal Minister for Research, Poverty and Social Security and Chairperson Benazir Income Support Program, Ms. Shazia Minister Chairman Board meeting, was held on Monday in the committee room of the Sindh Assembly building in Karachi. The recommendation of the Indication Committee to increase the stipend by 25% has also been approved. After the increase, the samahi wazifa will increase from seven thousand rupees to 10500 rupees.

BISP New Payment Increase 25% - Payment  Latest Update 2024

Facilitation for those living in remote areas of Balochistan.

The board has also approved using mobile units to register people in Balochistan and other remote areas. People even find it difficult to reach BISP Payment centers. The members felt Balochistan needed special attention, given the geographical aspect of the province. Chairman NADRA, who also attended the meeting, was asked to make extra efforts to help people in remote areas of Balochistan to get identity cards.

BISP New Registration

The BISP Board was informed that under the new process for dynamic registration of National Socio-Economic Registration NSER, 575 centers are already functioning in ISP Tehsil Offices across the country. The Board has approved the Internship Program for the new graduates of the Universities who have experience working with the Benazir Income Support Programme.

Members Who are included in this Board meeting

Dr. Ashfaq Hasan, Dr. Qaiser Bengali, Ms. Sania Rafat, Secretary BISP, Minister Yusuf Khan, and Secretary BA&SS Ghafran participated in the meeting, while Board members Mr. Haris, Chairman NADRA, Mr. Tariq Malik, Additional Secretary, Economic Affairs Division, Ms. Samar. Ehsan and Additional Secretary Finance Aamir Mehmood attended the meeting via Zoom. DG NSER/CCT Mr. Naveed Akbar presented the agenda before the board meeting.

BISP New Payment Increase 25% Update May 2023

BISP New Payment

Today, 90 lakh Mast families are part of the Benazir Income Support Program and are getting financial assistance from the 8171 Benazir Income Support Program. In keeping with the inflation, the collective installment of BISP New Payment has increased from 7,000 to 10,500 till January. March is being disbursed with Rs 8500, and an installment of Rs 9 thousand will be given for April to June.

In the meeting of the Benazir Income Support Program, the Federal Minister for Poverty Alleviation and Social Chairman, Ms. Shazia Murri, presided over it. Ms. Shazia Murree is playing her role as the Chairman of the Benazir Income Support Program. 90 lakh women have been empowered in Pakistan through various initiatives.
He emphasized the importance of the provisions of the Constitution and their protection for the country’s development. Former Senator Safdar Abbasi stressed the need to understand the spirit behind the words of the Constitution. And asked for more inclusion of poor women.

New Budget For the BISP Program

472 Banazir Online Apply Development Centers are functioning in the country. Now, the enrollment process through the registry is speeding up, and more beneficiaries will be part of the program. The budget of the BISP Program has increased from Rs.250 billion to Rs.400 billion, which is a 60% increase.

Transgender women are being exclusively included in the Benazir Kafalat program. There is no PMT score requirement for transgender women. Transgender women must register with NADRA and visit the Benazir Income Support Program office. They will be registered and financially assisted.

Bisp Quarterly Payment Update

Benazir Income Support Program is now launching Benazir Social Security Accounts. According to this, eligible women of the BISP program can open their bank accounts at any bank. And can get the money received from the Benazir Income Support Program. So deserving women should approach their nearest bank and open a Benazir Social Security Account. And get their assistance money in these accounts.

The BISP Has Started Getting Money

Yes, money has started to be received from BISP, those individuals or families who were getting assistance from BISP, so this assistance was stopped some time ago, and now this assistance will be resumed.  has started, so you can still get this assistance from BISP by going to the BISP office or by going to any bank near you.  It has been said that this aid has been increased and more people are being added to it, this aid is being given only to the poor and deserving people so that they can better themselves in the coming times and  The aim of this aid is to eradicate poverty from Pakistan and to control rising inflation.

BISP Monthly Payment New Update 2024

People who are already enrolled in the Bay Income Support Program but have not yet received any registration message need not worry if they do not see the money message.
Because the Benazir Income Support Program has introduced a new mechanism in which payment information is provided to help people, they are being fulfilled in all circumstances. So, if you also want to add them to Gram then do your registration after registration get money, and then submit all your details.

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