Sat. Apr 13th, 2024
Join Pakistan Citizen Portal For Ehsaas Program Complaints

Ehsaas Program Complaints

Citizen Portal For Ehsaas Program Complaints: The government of Pakistan has taken a new initiative to solve the problems faced by Pakistan’s vast and diverse citizens. The Government has introduced the Citizen Portal, Which acts as a helpline to resolve issues faced by beneficiary families.

The purpose of introducing this citizen portal is to report all the information related to the complaint This article will tell you with complete details how you can register your complaint by contacting the helpline using the Citizen Portal.

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How To Register A Complaint

If you are already enrolled in the Ehsaas program, you need to check your status After checking the eligibility you can go to your nearest tehsil office to get your money If you face any problem then you don’t need to worry because the Government of Pakistan has introduced citizen web portal for the convenience of people.

Citizen Portal For Ehsaas Program Complaints: With the help of this citizen portal, you can register all your complaints and you can also submit your application online through this citizen portal You have to enter some information into the online application which you will first be asked to enter your name followed by complaint information and your National Identity Card Your request will be processed immediately and you will be removed from this problem quickly

Join Pakistan Citizen Portal For Ehsaas Program Complaints

Benefits Of Using The Citizen Portal

Listed below are some of the purposes and benefits of using the Citizen Portal Helpline:

  • You can register your complaints from any part of the country using the Up Citizen Portal
  • The staff on the helpline will act on your complaints immediately
  • And will ensure that your grievances are addressed promptly
  • Also, you can check your complaints transparently
  • And Citizen Web Portal does not charge any money.
  • It is functioning as a free helpline on behalf of the Government of Pakistan


Ehsaas Program Citizen Portal Helpline is an important initiative of the Government of Pakistan to help the poor This allows the portal to resolve issues quickly and also ensures that the needs of the public and businesses are optimized.

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Track The Status Of Your Complaint

When you register your complaint in the Citizen Portal, you don’t need to be surprised, as you can track your status and the status of your application. You can register your complaint by visiting the Citizen Portal website or by contacting the helpline. Your issues will be dealt with immediately; they are not meant to be resolved quickly.