Mon. May 20th, 2024
Ramzan Package 20500

CM Ramzan Package 20500 Latest Update

Chief Minister Punjab Maryam Nawaz has started Ramzan Package 20500. This Ramadan Relief Package is being provided to the deserving and poor families who have benefited from the Ramadan Relief Program. If these people want to get the Ramadan package 20500 again, do your verification as soon as possible. For which the Punjab government has set up the government in the BISP Tehsil Office. 

Wherever you can get your verification and get 20500 Relief money under the Ramadan Relief Package. How can you register in your Ramzan Relief Package 20500 and who is eligible for all this information is provided to you in this article. If you have registered your Ramadan relief package, you must get your verification to get this money, which has been provided down the procedure.

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How to Done Verification For Ramadan Package

If wants to get his verification in Maryam Nawaz Ramadan Relief Package 20500, first of all you go to the BISP Tehsil Office. Present your national identity card at the verification desk and inform them about your verification. The representative there will verify your thumbs and you will filled with a verification form in which you will ask a few questions. In this way, you can make your verification for Ramadan package 20500. After verification, he can get his relief money from the nearby HBL E-connect shop under the Ramadan 20500 Relief Package.

Ramzan Package 20500

Ramazan Relief Package Registration Procedure

If you want to register for the Ramadan package, the registration procedure is provided below. To get 500 under the Maryam Nawaz Ramadan Relief Package, you have first to make your verification. You have been provided with a new registration method, under which you can register and get 20500 relief money.

  • Find the BISP Tehsil Office near you and visit there.
  • Tell the representative about registration in your CM Ramadan Relief package.
  • The representative will be provided with a registration form for the Ramadan Relief Package which you have to fill out and return.
  • Then get your thumb verification from the office and leave the office with a slip to complete the registration.
  • Subsequently, your government will be verified for the Ramadan relief package if you are eligible for this verification process. So you will get an SMS to receive aid from 8070. After which you will be able to get this aid by going to your nearest HBL E-Connect Shop.

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How to Check Eligibility For Ramzan Package 20500

Suppose you want to know your qualifications in Ramzan Realif Package 20500. In that case, a Ramadan subsidy portal has introduced by the Punjab Government. Through this you can find information about your qualifications and relief money.

  • First, go to the Utility Store website and open the Ramadan subsidy web portal there.
  • Enter the 13-digit national ID card number.
  • Then enter the CAPTCHA image in the box below.
  • Finally, click the Capital Check button.
  • As soon as you click on the check button, there is a screen show in front of you, providing details of your relief money.

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Final Word

If you want to get 20500 relief money under the Ramadan Relief Package, get your verification from the verification desk allotted in the office of the Benazir Income Support Program. And get relief from a nearby HBLE connect shop if you are eligible. In addition, you are aware that the government has resumed registration in the Maryam Nawaz Ramadan relief package by Punjab. Disqualified people who did not receive aid from the Negahban Ramadan Relief package. They should go to the Bisp Tehsil Office as soon as possible and get a relief amount of 20500 under the Ramadan Relief Package when eligible.

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