Mon. Apr 22nd, 2024
CM Sindh Started Ramadan Relief 5000 For Poor People

Sindh Ramadan Relief 5000

Sindh will give you Rs 5000 cash if you live in the state during Ramadan Relief. Syed Murad Ali Shah announced this decision as soon as he took the oath of office as Chief Minister of Sindh.

He promised to do something for the people in Sindh. Syed Murad Ali Shah, a man who is always thinking of the poor in mind, announced that he would give 5 thousand rupees cash to them during the month of Ramadan. 

How can you register while living in Sindh? Who is eligible for this program? And some people make a big mistake due to which five thousand rupees are not given to them. All the information is available here.

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Ramadan Relief Registration Procedure

How do the people living in Sindh get their registration for the Sindh Ramadan Relief Package? Telling you that we have covered the whole of Pakistan. You will find all the reliefs that are going on all over Pakistan on our website. 

You don’t have to worry; you live in Sindh, and the Sindh Ramadan Relief Team will come to you. In your home, if you qualify for this program, you will be given 5 thousand rupees in cash immediately. 

You can do a lot with this cash during the month of Ramadan, and you can buy things for Sehr and Iftar. And I can do many things, which is an expression of love for you from the Sindh Government.

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CM Sindh Started Ramadan Relief 5000 For Poor People

Sindh Ramadan Eligibility Criteria

  • Do you live in Sindh? Do you know that the government of Sindh has decided to give five thousand rupees in cash during Ramadan?
  • What are the eligibility criteria for this program?
  • This program includes people whose poverty score is less than 35 percent.
  • People who have a monthly income of 30 thousand can easily join this program.
  • This program may include people with disabilities.
  • Women who are widows who cannot earn can easily register in this program. To register in this program you have been told the above procedure.
  • You do not need to go to any office to register for this program.

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Sindh Ramadan Relief Registration Requirement Documents

In Sindh Ramadan Relief Package you want to register and get Rs.5000 cash. So you have to show your monthly income certificate first. Then how many family members do you have? Which members of your family earn what monthly income? His certificate. 

Your electricity bill Your gas meter bill You have to submit all your mobile phone recharge information. This will select your poverty score according to which you will be eligible for this program and will be provided with Rs.5000 cash.

Final Words

Do you know that there are many families in Sindh whose address is Punjab? Or is it from another province because Karachi is called the mother of the poor? Because people from many provinces gather in Karachi. 

They live in Sindh and take up their abode there. These people will not be given five thousand rupees cash from the government of Sindh because the address on their identity card will be on the back. 

If the address where they live is in Sindh, they will easily be given five thousand rupees cash by the government of Sindh. So if your address is Sindh then you can easily get Rs 5000 from the Ramadan relief package.

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