Mon. May 20th, 2024
Ehsaas 9000 New Payment Notification Received Beneficiaries

Ehsaas 9000 New Installment Notification

Ehsaas 9000 New Payment: The Ehsaas Program is functioning as a Federal Social Safety Network in Pakistan which plays an important role in providing cash transfers to the poor and vulnerable sections. It is the largest cash transfer program to help the poor more than 9 million families are benefiting and are living prosperous lives by getting this financial assistance The main objective of this program is to lift the weaker sections of Pakistan out of poverty and empower women Registration for the Ehsaas Program to Improve Human Outcomes has reopened.

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And has also tells how much payment you will get this time only those families can get financial assistance from this program who are registered in the program and have the ability to meet the criteria set by the program In this article you will be told the following criteria of this program by which you can assess your eligibility To improve distribution of aid, various cash centers have been set up where beneficiaries can withdraw money after ensuring biometric verification.

Ehsaas Program 9000 Payment Registration

All the families who were left out in the previous survey regarding the latest updates of the Ehsaas program can now re-register in this program through a new survey The survey procedure has been changed to improve the survey system Because the first method of surveying, people had to face many difficulties And many families were not able to conduct their survey that is why the government has now set up the Benazir Income Support Program office for NSER survey.

Ehsaas 9000 New Payment Notification Received Beneficiaries

Where you can go and do your survey anytime, after the survey the process is ensured that you can easily get the financial assistance of 9 thousand If persons with disabilities and widows also want to register themselves, they can also join this program by completing the survey Those who have already completed their service and have received an SMS from 8171 for the amount of 9000 can visit the cash center to collect the amount.

Required Document For Registration

At the time of registration, you need these few documents which you have to submit to the representative at the Benazir office Make sure to bring these documents with you so that you don’t have to visit the office again and again and complete your registration in one go The documents required for registration are mentioned below.

  • National Identity Card of Inductees
  • Also household information including the number of family members and household bills
  • Then your monthly income certificate and PMT score list
  • A disability certificate is required for disabled persons
  • If a widow wants to register under this program, she should produce her husband’s death certificate
  • And lastly, at least one sim-up name should be registered on your CNIC

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Eligibility Criteria

This program provides certain criteria to the beneficiary families if you meet these criteria then you may be eligible to get financial assistance from this program Here are some criteria given by BISP From which you can estimate your eligibility

  • Assistance will be provided only to poor and deserving families
  • Whose monthly salary is between 25 to 30 thousand and their poverty score is less than 30%.
  • Persons with disabilities are also included in this program, they need to produce a certificate of disability
  • Similarly, widows are also registered in this program, they should get their husband’s death certificate
  • No member of the beneficiary’s family should be a government employee
  • And neither do you have any passport in your name and you have never been abroad
  • And the minimum number of persons in your household should be more than six