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Ehsaas Disabled Person Program Registration Online 

Ehsaas Disable Person is designed to help people who are disabled or have a physical or mental impairment to carry out their daily activities. A new program has been created for people who are unable to carry out their daily lives, i.e. have negative effects.

Baitul-Mal-Muhamkam deals with revenue and all other economic matters of the state. During the time of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), there was no specific Baitul-Mal or any official treasury. Even in this era, if they received any income or other money, they would immediately distribute it among their clans.

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New Updates

Eligibility criteria to join any program If you are a person who is naturally disabled then you need to produce your disability certificate to join the program. You have to get your check-up done which can be done at DHQ hospital after which you have to go to the NADRA office to get your up card.

Ehsaas Disabled Person Online Registration 2024

Pakistan Baitul-Mal is government-approved. Baitul Mal is an independent institution in Pakistan which was established in 1991. Pakistan Baitul-Mal through its various services is providing other and significant services for the eradication of poverty.

 a Pakistan Baitul-Mal is a government-approved organization that serves the disabled and needy. Pakistan Baitul-Mal is a government-approved organization that serves the disabled and needy. which works for social welfare.

Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal Projects

People with disabilities are people who have physical problems and are dependent on others. And they cannot even manage their livelihood, rather they get service from other people. 

  • Individual Financial Assistance
  • Women Empowerment Centres 
  • Person with disability
  • Old home 
  • Sweet home
  • Pakistan thalassemia centre
  • Shelter home

Bait Al-Mal disabled person Pakistan Baitul Mal has allocated a quota for disabled persons. Financial assistance of 30 thousand rupees will given to one disabled person and 60 thousand rupees will given to them in case of two more persons. Wheelchairs will also be provided to those who cannot stand on their legs.

Support products

  • A herring aids
  • Financial assistance
  • A Standard Wheelchairs
  • A Customised Wheelchairs
  • Come on artificial lambs.

Criteria of Disabled Person Project

How to apply Standard Wheelchairs

  • A copy of CNIC card.
  • One Orignal B Form  (in case of minor).
  • A government Disability Certificate or a photograph clearly showing the disability
  • Senior citizens (age 60 years or above.

Ehsaas Kafalat Program For Disabled Persons 2024

Pakistan has a much higher poverty rate than the rest of the world or India, with around 70 million families still automatically eligible for the Ehsaas program. The proportion of qualified people is 29% of the total. The proximity ratio has further increased after Pakistan’s worst flood disaster.

Eligible families will get financial assistance but they have to verify their registered payments have been released to the beneficiaries and can be transferred directly. Up will be eligible to cash out the payment through the biometric system

Ehsaas Disable Program Conference 2024

Ehsaas Disable Program by the Government of Pakistan which was started during the period of Imran Khan. Under this, it has been announced that Rs. 20000 per month will given again to disabled and special persons. All those people who had budget bank accounts will transferred to their accounts very soon under the Ehsaas Disability Program by the Government of Pakistan Rs.2000

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