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Ehsaas Program Registration By CNIC New Update

Ehsaas Program Registration

Ehsaas Program Registration has been started. Benazir Income Support Program Federal Minister Shazia Murree has said that registration of the Ehsaas program should be started. And now this money will be given to you by an Ehsaas program.

The Ehsaas program has been completely converted to BSIP In the registration of the Ehsaas program, you have to go to the office in the Benazir Income Support Program and there you are included in this program. If you are eligible, you are given Rs. 9,000. financial assistance

The Ehsaas is built for poor people. It is built for people who cannot meet their home expenses.
Its purpose is to eliminate poverty in the country. This is a welfare program that was started by former Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Under this program, many programs were launched, all of which were aimed at the good of the people
The program includes the Ehsaas of Ehsaas sponsorship program Ehsaas rational program Ehsaas, educational scholarship program Ehsaas, the elderly program, and many programs are also provided to poor people through all these programs.

Ehsaas Programme Registration Process

The registration procedure for this program is quite convenient. You have to follow the following steps.

  • First, you have to go to the office of the Benazir Income Support Program
  • There will be your registration on there
  • Many questions will be asked of you during the registration
  • Click the button below if you want to know these questions
  • You have to take your identity card number to the office of the Banned Identity Support Program
  • You have to know about your eligibility during registration whether Aye is eligible in this program or not even right.
Ehsaas Program Registration By CNIC New Update

How To Check Eligibility?

The procedure for knowing your qualifications in the Ehsaas program is quite easy.

  • Here you will be given a form to enter your national identity card number in this form
  • Then you will show the code in the picture. Enter this code in the specified location
  • You will be told about your eligibility immediately
  • If you are eligible, go to your nearest center and get a sum of Rs. 9,000

Eligibility Criteria 

People are put in the Benazir Income Support Program based on whether or not they are eligible. All of these people who meet the eligibility requirements can apply for this service.

  • Your family should make less than Rs 20,000 a month.
  • You need a thirteen-digit number on your ID card.
  • Your score for poverty is below 25 or 30.
  • First of all, you’re not getting anything out of this training.
  • No one in your family should work for the government.
  • Don’t have anything in your name. You don’t even need a visa.
  • You’ve never been outside the country.


Ehsaas 8171 provides financial assistance to the weak and poor to apply for this program you have to enter your information on the website. The application form also has to be filled out. if you meet the eligibility criteria then you will be eligible for this program

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