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Apply Ehsaas Tahafuz Program Online Registration For 2024

Ehsaas Tahafuz Program

Ehsaas Tahafuz Program: All the low-income groups in Pakistan cannot afford their basic needs and healthcare expenses, so the government of Pakistan introduced a new scheme under the Ehsaas program to solve the healthcare problems after financial assistance. It has been known as the Ehsaas Tahafuz Program.

Introducing this program aims to provide health care and medicines to low-income people. This program is under the supervision of the Ehsaas Facilitation Program. It can also be used by people registered with Ehsaas Sahulat Card, they can also access the treatment after being eligible. People registered with Ehsaas Sohail Card can benefit from the Ehsaas Tahufaz program and submit their application.

Online Registration For Ehsaas Tahafuz Program

Ehsaas Tahafuz Program was introduced by the former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan, the current government saw that people were receiving many facilities under this platform For this reason, it has been decided to continue it for 2024 as well The main objective of continuing this program is to provide health-related facilities to the public This program is designed for these individuals.

Apply Ehsaas Tahafuz Program Online Registration For 2024

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Those who do not have the resources can now register themselves for the Ehsaas Tahafuz Program at home with the help of CNIC Go to the official website of Up Ehsaas Program and enter your National Identity Card in the given form After that you will be sent a relevant message on your screen telling you whether you are registered in this program or not.

Registration Process For Tahafuz Program Via Centre

If you want to have a tehsil center for your registration as well, then you can easily submit your application for the Ehsaas Facilitation Program, you just need to follow these steps, after which your registration process is complete.

  • First, you need to visit your nearest Ehsaas center
  • You need some documents while registering
  • Bring the necessary documents with you
  • After entering all the information you will receive an application form
  • You have to enter it with the required information
  • Then your registration will be confirmed
  • After that, you can avail of free medical assistance

Required Document

these few documents are required while registering

  • Your original identity card number
  •  Apart from this, the prescription of the treatment which is certified by the doctor
  •  Also, a list of household information
  •  And your monthly income certificate

Eligibility Criteria

This program sets some criteria if you meet these criteria then you can also benefit from this program Here you will be told about some eligibility requirements by which you can assess your eligibility

  • If you are suffering from poverty and your financial situation is not good
  • And you have been suffering from a serious illness for a long time
  • And you don’t have financial expenses for treatment
  • Apart from this, you should belong to Pakistan

How Can We Apply For Tahafuz Card

If you want to be able to get your treatment free, you must first get an Ehsaas Facilitation Card

  • Send your National Identity Card to 8171
  • You will then receive a confirmation message
  • In which you will be told about your eligibility
  • After verifying the eligibility, make sure that you have submitted all the documents
  • After that, you apply for Ehsaas Tahufaz Center at the Hospital
  • The hospital administration will check your application
  • After that if you are eligible for this program
  • So you will be provided Ehsaas facility card
  • After which you can get your treatment free

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