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How To Reduce PMT Score For Neghaban Program 2024

Neghaban Program 2024

Reduce PMT Score For Neghaban: The most recent updates regarding the Negahban program state that families who have not yet gotten the Rashan or who are unable to finish the registration process The Punjab government has stated that the registration procedure has resumed. This means that those who are struggling financially and finding it tough to purchase Rashan can now register for the Negahban program. When you signup, you can receive free Rashan. You must register yourself if you wish to receive assistance from this program.


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However, before doing so, you must determine your eligibility. If you are unsure how to do so, let me assure you that the process is simple and that you can now check your status with the use of your national identity card. You’ll need to know a few things for this, but if you know how to check eligibility, this article will walk you through the entire process.

How To Check PMT Score?

Free ration through Negahban program will be provided only to those families who belong to deserving and poor families And their PMT score also meets the criteria set by this program whose PMT score is between 30 to 40 percent can also get special concession in ration under the Punjab Rashan Riayat Program. Apart from this, you can also get free Rashan under the Negahban program. If you also want to check PMT, you don’t need to go anywhere.

Because the portal has been introduced to check eligibility and PMT score on the special instructions of Chief Minister Punjab Under which you can check your PMT score sitting at home says Chief Minister Punjab As it is sad to see people standing in long queues in hot weather, a web portal has been introduced through which eligible people can check their eligibility at home.

If you want to check your eligibility through the portal then you have been introduced in the beginning of this article to check the PMT score portal which you will see as a tool to go there. After that you have to enter your National Identity Card in the portal and press the submit button, you will be notified about your PMT score on your screen in no time.

How To Reduce PMT Score For Neghaban Program 2024

How To Reduce PMT Score

If your PMT score doesn’t meet the criteria set by this program, you don’t need to worry, you can lower your PMT score if you want to do that, first you need to get your National Identity Card. You have to go to your nearest NADRA office and get your information checked there. If there is any mistake in your information, you can change your information. The representative will verify you and then add you as an eligible family.

After that you go to your nearest tehsil office and register yourself in the Ehsaas program with the new information. The representative will come to your home and conduct a survey, then you will be provided with free Rashan under the Negahban program and your basic needs will also be provided at your home.


If your PMT score is between 30 to 40 percent, you can get special discount on Rashan by visiting the utility store Apart from this, you can also get free ration after completing your registration in the Nighaban program.

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The caretaker will verify your registration and will ask for your ID card. After that, he will also request your personal information. Your name will then be added to the list of the program and you will receive a Rashan Bag at your house containing food and household products.

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