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Humqadam Program Online Registration New Update

Humqadam Program

Unconditional cash transfer programs usually have an immediate impact on meeting the financial needs of the beneficiaries. But they help lift people out of extreme poverty in the long run. The effectiveness of cash transfers depends mainly on the population coverage and budget allocation for their implementation.

Unconditional cash transfer is always appropriate in case of chronic poverty, illness, temporary lie, provision of adequate food, etc., which has to be confirmed to the eligible beneficiaries. The program allows you to spend the earned money wherever you want.

People with disabilities and PWDs often depend on others to meet their needs. However, very little help is available to special people through the public sector in Pakistan and Punjab for financial and physical support. The support available is mainly limited to a one-time or annual period, so the coverage of PWDs differs from that of regular financial assistance.

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Humqadam Program Online Registration New Update

Humqadam Program Registration

Humqadam Program is an unconditional care transfer program for poor PWDs in Punjab. Cash assistance of Rs.2000 is given to disabled persons. Every year this program will increase the number of beneficiaries based on life verification and new registration of beneficiaries. The main objective of the Humqadam program is to improve the socio-economic welfare of the special people of Punjab.

Social assistance is one of the critical objectives of social security, and this program will provide cash assistance to special people to maintain a minimum standard of living. All eligible citizens of all districts of Punjab are entitled to this program.

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Humqadam Program Online Registration New Update

Humqadam Objectives:

Improve the social participation of special people in Punjab.
To improve the lives of special people.
To reduce the dependence on the social network of special people.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The poverty score, i.e., PMT, should be thirty or less, as is available in the National and Social Economic Registry NSER as the Benazir Income Support Program has been set up with BISP.
  • A person should have a special CNIC graduate issued by Nadra.

How to Register for Humqadam Program

First, you have to click the Online Registration button
Then you will be given a form there
In this form, enter your National Identity Card Number and the Code in the picture.
Then you will be told about the eligibility
If you are eligible, you will be given Rs 2000 aid every month.

Monthly Aid for Disabled Individuals

According to the Punjab government, a budget of 3.5 billion rupees has been allocated for the assistance of laborers. Every eligible person will receive monthly assistance of Rs.2000 to Help registered Pakistani citizens who are disabled in all cities of Pakistan But still unable to work, they will get four-thirds of the total amount. According to this, disabled persons will get Rs 1500 per month which will also be Rs 1000 as government assistance.

Expanding PSPA Social Insurance in Punjab:

Social insurance is important to protect people against risks such as old age, disability, ill health, and unemployment. Currently, social insurance in Punjab Pakistan is only available from the government, which is designed to provide old age pension and health care benefits but the government commits to cover all workers in the future.

Old Age Pension Without Contributors This pension will help the elderly who are tired of the days of poverty, who are living the days of sunset, and will increase their financial assistance in their old age. Therefore, when they retire, they will have extra money in the mandatory pension scheme for sector workers, including government officials, and both will be able to contribute regularly to a fund without pay.


What is the Humqadam Program?

Humqadam Program is a poor unconditional care transfer program in Punjab. Cash assistance is given to disabled persons 2000 rupees per month. Every year new persons with disabilities participate in this program. And are benefiting from this financial aid.

Who is eligible for Humqadam Program?

Any person residing in Pakistan who has a disability certificate is eligible to apply for the Big Come Step Program. This program is designed for men and women of all ages who are especially disabled.

How can I apply for the Humqadam Program?

You can visit the official online web portal of the Humqadam program for your application. There you have to provide your information like your CNIC number, disability details etc.

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