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KPK Ramadan Relief Package 10000 Start Update 2024

KPK Ramadan Relief

If you live in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, you can easily get Rs 10,000 through your KPK Ramadan Relief Package. Let me tell you that Chief Minister KPK Ali Amin Gandapur has started a relief of 10 thousand rupees to aid the poor people in the month of Ramadan. 

Through this, you will be given 10 thousand rupees in cash during Ramadan. You can learn who is eligible and who is not eligible for this program in this article. 

And how those who are eligible can get 10 thousand rupees. How can those who are ineligible become eligible? There is a solution to all the problems you can read about.

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KPK Ramadan Relief Registration

How do you register for the Ramadan Relief package in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa? Registration for the Ramadan Relief Package does not require you to visit any office. The KPK Ramadan relief package team will visit you at home. 

If you are eligible for the program, you will be interviewed. You will receive 10000 rupees for signing up for the program. This is a large amount of money for someone who is poor. 

With this money, he can spend Ramadan in comfort. This is the reason Chief Minister KPK Gandapur took this decision. This program explains in detail who is eligible.

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KPK Ramadan Relief Package 10000 Start Update 2024

Who Is Eligible For KPK Ramadan Relief?

Those whose poverty score is less than 30 per cent are eligible for the KP Ramadan relief package. Those who have a monthly income of Rs 60 thousand can easily qualify for the KPK Ramadan Relief 10 thousand package. 

People who don’t have a big car or a big house in their name mean a big land which we call an area. If he is not in his name then he is eligible for this program. If you have no criminal case against you, you are absolutely clean and transparent, then you are eligible for this program. 

If you are a woman, you are widowed, you are disabled. So you can easily get 10 thousand rupees from the KPK government during Ramadan by registering for this program.

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Who Are The Ineligible People For KPK Ramadan Relief?

Now we will discuss who are the ineligible people in KKP’s Ramadan relief program. Let you know that those whose poverty score is more than 30% will not be registered in this program. 

And they will not be given 10 thousand rupees in the month of Ramadan. People whose monthly income will be more than 60 thousand will also not be registered in this program. And they will not be given a relief of 10 thousand rupees by the KPK government during Ramadan. 

People who pretend to be poor but are not really poor. When their ID card is checked, their whole truth comes out. How much property is in their name so they also will not be registered in this program.

Final Words

The poor people in KPK face extreme hardships. Because inflation is very high in KPK many such poor people commit suicide day by day. However, they have no other option but to end the same thing Chief Minister KPK has decided. 

That they will give relief to the poor in addition to the month of Ramadan. So, poor families who are fed up with inflation are fed up with unemployment. They can easily improve their employment through these reliefs. 

All the information you will find on our website will be authentic. You will be able to benefit from these reliefs while staying in your area. And will be able to get help.

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