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Lahore High Court Order بغیر لائسنس گاڑیاں چلانے والوں کو گرفتار

Lahore High Court Order

Justice Ali Zia Bajwa of Lahore High Court Ordered the plea for legal protection of the defense accident accused. During this, he ordered the arrest of drivers without licenses.

لاہور ہائیکورٹ کے جسٹس علی ضیاء باجوہ نے ڈیفنس حادثے کے ملزم کی قانونی تحفظ کی درخواست پر سماعت کی. جس کے دوران انہوں نے بغیر لائسنس کے گاڑی چلانے والوں کو گرفتار کرنے کا حکم دیا۔ سماعت کے دوران جسٹس علی ضیاء باجوہ نے ریمارکس دیئے کہ کار حادثہ بہت افسوسناک واقعہ ہے . اگر سڑک پر دس لاکھ گاڑیاں ہیں تولائسنس صرف دو لاکھ ہیں . جبکہ سی ٹی او لاہور نے بتایا کہ 73 لاکھ گاڑیاں ہیں اوراور ان کے لائسنس 13 لاکھ ہیں.

During the hearing, Justice Ali Zia Bajwa remarked that the car accident was a very sad incident. If there are ten million vehicles on the road, then there are only two million vehicles. While CTO Lahore said that there are 73 lakh vehicles and their licenses are 13 lakh.

The court inquired what steps were being taken against the vehicles without licenses. After this incident, tell what action has been taken. On which the CTO said that in the last three days, we have cracked down.

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Justice Ali Zia Bajwa remarked that if someone is stopped by the traffic police. So he says, I am a lawyer, I am the son of a judge, I am dear to SSP, the action should be done without discrimination. This crime happens in more posh areas. No vehicle should enter the road without a license.

The court has agreed that strict action will be taken against those who allow their children to drive.

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