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Meezan Bank Umrah Package is currently offering a special Umrah package in partnership On Installment for the people nearby. Also offering a spiritual journey unlike any other, the package will include a 17-day tour In which three days stay in five-star hotels in Makkah and Madinah and many other Marwats. During their stay in Makkah and Madinah, guests will be accommodated at the Ammar Inn Lalless Hotel, 350 meters from the Kaaba. This package from 16 August Covers four four-night stays till 20th August.

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In Madinah, the traveler will be hosted at Warta Madinah Hotel, located just 50 meters from Masjid NabawiThis part of the package is from August 16 to August 23 and offers a stay of 18 nights

Eligibility Criteria

Your monthly income should be 50 thousand when 25 thousand rupees

  • If your age is between 20 years or 60 years then you can join it
  • DBR should be 40% to 35 to 40%
  • There should be proof that you have worked at one place for at least one to two years
  • You should own 25% of the total money that is made
  • Apart from this, 75% of the 12-month installment will be taken
  • The application fee is Rs 3,000
  • Submit your application within 10 days and join the program
  • Men and women who are 40 years old can join it

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The package brings passengers back to Makkah for the final leg of the journey from August 23 to August 27, 2023, with an additional four-night stay at an Omar Inn hotel. It has various e-Visa hotel stays, transport tickets and pilgrimage religious tour room options available In this, the price of a double room has been set at 3 lacks and 500 per cent, a triple room at 2 lakh 75 thousand per cent and a quarter room at 2 lakh 59 thousand per cent.

Meezan Bank Offering Umrah Package On Rs. 16,100 Easy Monthly Instalment

Meezan Bank provides an easy option for the package of Rs.16 per month, alternatively, Naqab payments are also accepted. Further, Azan Nizam Bank offers zero interest on the back financing, making the package more attractive for potential Hijaz.

 Travelers are advised to submit their application before August 15 to avail of this unique offer. Travelers can embark on this sacred journey of Umrah with Meezan Bank’s special package

And pilgrims can experience the spiritual significance of the holy cities of Mecca and Medina. By saving their spots they can take a step towards a spiritually fulfilling experience

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Meezan Bank Umrah Package New Update

Installation of the Umrah package was started by Meezan Bank a few days ago in many people were qualified in this program and they were given the Umrah package on installation and many people qualified in this program and performed Umrah. What did But now a few days ago there is a new update in which it has been made clear that the installation of the Umrah package has been stopped.

For a few days, you will not be given any installation of the Umrah package in this program. In 2024, you have a lot of chances to get an installment of the Umrah package. Whenever you start receiving installments in this program, you will be informed with an explanation as to when and how you can receive your installment amount in this program.

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