Mon. May 20th, 2024
How To Verify of Eligibility For New Payment BISP Program 

Ehsaas Program Registration 8171

The New Payment BISP Program is designed to provide financial assistance to poor and deserving people. These people are qualified for this program. Those who are widows women who are pregnant or people whose age is more than 60 years. In this program, financial assistance is given to those people whose family members are not government employees.

Who has not travelled abroad? They are made important in this program, and financial assistance is given. If you also want to qualify for this program, below, you will be told the complete procedure. Through this, you can easily qualify for this program and get your financial aid amount.

Ehsaas Program Registration Update 

In the Ehsaas program, you can get your eligibility through SMS or online. You will be told here the complete method of how you can get your qualification in this program. You have to send your CNIC to 8171. After that, you will receive a reply SMS within a few minutes, which reads. 

Your request has been received. After 24 hours, you will receive a confirmation SMS stating that congratulations, you are eligible for this program. If you face any problem getting the aid money, you can go to the district office of the Ehsaas program and get immediate solutions to all your problems.

New BISP Registration Verification Method

Those are the people who are not getting assistance money in the BISP program or who have stopped receiving it. This is good news for them: The government of Pakistan has decided that they should re-register themselves in the BISP program. They will be qualified for this program. The method of registration verification is that the persons.

Who received their aid money before this program? They should take their children’s Bay Form and a photocopy of their CNIC card to the BISP program office of their local area and get their re-verification done. Once you get your re-verification done in this program, you will be eligible for it. Remember, when you re-verify and register for this program, you can visit your local Ehsaas or SP program office within 24 hours to get your aid money.

BISP Program New Payment Method 

Those people who are eligible for the BISP program will be given assistance with BISP New payment this time through a new method. If you find it difficult to get your aid money, this time there is a new way for you through which you can easily get your money in this program. If you have any difficulty getting the money,

You can go to your local area BISP program office, register your complaints, and get them as soon as possible. This time, the government of Pakistan has also decided that the aid amount will be given to you in your local area’s Can Get it Soon BISP program office. 


The purpose of the BISP Program I verify that individuals who are not poor are still receiving financial assistance from this program. They have to be excluded from it. This program was created to provide financial assistance to poor and deserving people only, but there are many people. 

Those who are illegally getting their financial aid money from this program. Therefore, they have started re-verification in this program. Its purpose is that those people who are only Masthog can reach the amount of financial assistance. If you are getting financial aid money after registering for this program, you go to this program again and get your financial aid amount after doing re-verification.