Mon. Apr 22nd, 2024
New Survey Method For Registration For BISP 9000

The BISP New Survey Method was created by the Government of Pakistan to provide financial assistance to the poor and deserving people and to eradicate poverty in Pakistan. In this era of inflation, it has become very difficult to meet household expenses. The BISP program was started to provide relief to poor families. This program is for those poor families whose poverty is less than 30% and who are facing difficulties in meeting their basic needs at Bread, Clothes, and House.

New Dynamic Survey 2024

New registration in the BISP program has been announced. In the survey of 2024, those poor families who have not yet registered despite eligibility due to some problems will be eligible. Families who were previously registered for the Ehsaas program but are not eligible. Those families who registered in the Ehsaas program last year and now their a poverty score is more than 30% will be disqualified from this program and deserving people will take their place. 

According to this, all the problems that were causing problems in the BISP program will be solved. Women who had verification problems in this Dynamics survey of 2024 will be able to get their money by updating their data from NADRA, besides those families who have not yet submitted their eligibility children’s Bay Forms and money. Those who are not taking it will receive monthly education and scholarships by submitting their children’s forms in this survey.

For More Information: BISP Beneficiaries Data Portal

We will tell you how you can get your registration done by solving the problems in your registration. Problems of not getting your money even after registration will be explained in detail.

How To Register Yourself For BISP 9000?

Registering for the 2024 survey is very easy. In this step-by-step guide, we will walk you through how to register and resolve any issues you may have.

  • You can do your registration for the 2024 survey through SMS, so now send your ID card number to 8171, after some time you will receive a confirmation message that congratulations, you are eligible for the Ehsaas program.
  • If you don’t receive the confirmation message then don’t worry we will tell you how to solve this problem You need to send the ID card number from the corresponding SIM on the ID card to 8171 for confirmation The message will be received.
  • If a woman does not have a SIM in her name and wants to check her registration, she should send her ID card number from the registered SIM on her husband’s ID card and receive her confirmation message immediately.
  • Apart from this, those women who are facing problems in getting their money despite being registered should go to Nadra now and update their data and resolve the issues in verification. From this, they can get monthly stipends.
  • Disabled women and widows are eligible for the BISP program If they are facing eligibility issues they should update their data from NADRA and get their registration done.

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BISP 9000 Latest Update 2024

A stipend of 9 thousand rupees has been announced in the BISP program. According to the program update, the new amount will start to be transferred on January 21, 2024. Those women who are registered and facing problems in their verification should update their data from their NADRA now and get a monthly stipend.

 In the new survey of 2024, all needy and widow are eligible to get Wazif they should register now if they are already registered and facing problems in getting Wazif then they should register their registration with NADRA. Update your fingerprints, family data, personal data, and all information from NADRA and get a monthly stipend regularly.


The amount for the survey 2024 of the BISP program has started. From January 21, 2024, the amount will be transferred to the account. Those women still facing problems in getting money despite registration should update their data from NADRA and solve the problems of getting money.

The BISP program is for those poor families whose poverty score is minimum and whose monthly income is less than 25 thousand. Benazir Income Support Program has been started to provide financial assistance to the poor people and to eradicate poverty. Register now and get a monthly stipend.