Sat. Apr 13th, 2024
New Families In Pakistan Registration Open For BISP 8171 2024

Get Ready for Registration in the BISP 8171. New families in Pakistan Open For BISP Who despite being eligible, were still waiting for the declaration of registration. Congratulations, New registrations have been announced in the BISP program. In the new year of 2024, new families will be registered in the BISP program. Those families who were facing problems in registration or could not get their registration done.

For some reason is being included in the BISP program in the 2024 survey. Disabled and widowed women are also eligible for the BISP program, so get your date updated from NADRA now and register yourself in BISP. In the article, we will tell you how to register for the BISP program. The complete method of registration getting money from will be explained in detail.

How to Register for BISP Program 8171.

Registrations are open for BISP Program 8171. Families having problems with their registration should register now and become a part of the BISP program. Registration in the BISP program is very easy.New families in Pakistan are also being included in the BISP program in the 2024 survey.

Those families who have not yet been able to register despite being eligible should update their data from NADRA and get registered in the BISP program and get a monthly stipend there. The full registration process for the BISP program is as follows:

  • All widows and disabled persons are eligible for the BISP program. If there is a disabled or widowed woman in your family, register her immediately in the BISP program so that she can meet her basic needs by getting a stipend. If you are eligible for the BISP program then get your registration done.
  • Enter your ID card number 8171 now, after some time you will receive a confirmation message. In which you will be told, “Congratulations! You too are eligible and eligible for the ISP program”.
  • If you don’t receive the confirmation message, don’t worry. We will tell you what are the problems of not receiving confirmation SMS from the program. How they can be solved. You should send your ID card number to 8171 from the registered SIM on your ID card. You will receive a confirmation reply immediately.
  • Women who have no SIM registered on their ID card should send an SMS to their husband’s ID card number with the registered SIM and get a confirmation reply.
  • If you still do not receive a confirmation reply, you should check the BISP program web portal. You will be given a form, enter your information in the form. Submit after entering the given code. You will get the eligibility confirmation reply immediately.
  • Apart from this, you can visit your nearest BISP program office. You will be given a registration form, fill it out and submit it.

For More Information: 8171 Web Portal Check Online Registration

Eligibility Criteria for BISP Program 8171

The BISP program has launched 8171 new registrations. Eligibility criteria in the Open For BISP program are informed in full detail. Those who are appointed by the BISP program will also be registered in this program. This program is mainly for poor families, orphans, disabled persons and widows. Financial assistance is provided to them so that they can meet their basic needs.

  • Families whose poverty score is less than 30% will be registered in the BISP program and provided with financial assistance.
  • Families whose monthly income is less than 25 thousand are registered under the BISP program
  • A Government servant and his family will be considered ineligible for the BISP program
  • Widows and disabled persons are eligible for the BISP program and can get financial stipends by registering themselves.
  • Those persons who have money lying in their bank account will also be disqualified
  • If you are in a business where you own more than 2 acres of land, then you are not eligible for the BISP.

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New Registration Open For BISP 

A new Registration has been announced in 2024. Those families who have not yet been able to register themselves in the program. Register in the BISP program. To register for the program, send an SMS to 8171. You can study the program’s web portal and get your registration done by going to your nearest ISP office. Now. The BISP program provides financial assistance to poor families to eradicate poverty in Pakistan.


Ehsaas Program was started by the Government of Pakistan Open For BISP to provide financial assistance to poor families and to eradicate poverty. New registration has been announced in the new survey of 2024. If you belong to this POOR family, get your stipend from the BISP program by getting your registration now. In this era of inflation, it has become very difficult to meet basic needs. New registration for poor and eligible persons in the BISP program has been announced and in this new registration of 2024 new families will be registered in new Pakistan.