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Between Pakistan and the IMF| اسٹاف کی سطح پر معاہدہ طے پاگیا

Staff Level Agreement Between Pakistan and IMF

Pakistan and the IMF With the approval of the executive board, Pakistan will get 70 million dollars. The agreement between Pakistan and IMF at the staff level is open. Which, with the approval of the Executive Board, Pakistan will get 70 million dollars. Negotiations between the Government of Pakistan and the IMF occurred at the staff level.

رپورٹ کے مطابق پاکستان اور انٹرنیشنل منیٹری فنڈ ائی ایم ایف کے درمیان ایک معاہدہ طے پایا ہے جس میں ایگزیکٹو بورڈ کی منظوری سے پاکستان کو 70 کروڑ ملین ڈالر ملیں گے

In which this agreement has been reached. That is a huge agreement to get 70 million dollars from the IMF. In which the International Financial Institution has intended to express satisfaction on the goals including financial stability and many reforms in the energy sector in Pakistan.

According to the Report IMF to Pakistan

According to the report, Pakistan and the International Monetary Fund. A staff-level agreement has been reached with the IMF, in which it has been made clear that Pakistan will get up to 70 million dollars. 

The IMF says that in order to achieve all the economic goals of Pakistan inflation will be completely reduced in the next few months. It is intended to exchange the rates of goods in the market. In which most of the food items will be given attention and they will be reduced.

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Global Financial Intent Added

The IMF added that Pakistan would also commit to a number of reforms to create investment and employment opportunities. According to the report, if Pakistan receives 70 million dollars from the IMF, the issued amount will be 1.9 billion dollars and an agreement was reached between the Pakistan IMF to provide 3 billion dollars.

According to the IMF, the implementation of the budget targets has reduced the financial pressure due to the reforms in the energy sector, the improvement in the flow of foreign exchange reserves has reduced the external pressure and the orders of Pakistan have shown their determination to continue economic reforms. Pakistan will now face external threats.

Be Sure To Reduce Losses in the Energy Sector

In the tragedy, it was also said that the IMF has been assured to reduce the losses in the energy sector, which is the global financial intention. The revolving debt of the electricity and gas sector has increased from four percent of the GTP  in these circumstances there is no escape without immediate measures.

This is also said of the global financial system. Pakistan is reducing the concessions received by captive power plants. The IMF has emphasized on maintaining the exchange rate policy in the market base. The Pakistani government assured to avoid administrative measures affecting the dollar rate. While the police have vowed to adopt a dynamic policy regarding rates to reduce inflation.


According to the document given by the Government of Pakistan, public access to information on the assets of the Government Cabinet will be ensured. In which the Government of Pakistan should establish a task force based on free experts. 

Earlier, the managing director of the IMF, Kristalina Jarjia, had said while giving an indication of the agreement with Pakistan. Pakistan authorities are implementing the program in very difficult conditions. Giving an interview to Malmöberg. He said that they are very close to the agreement with Pakistan, but the review agreement will be finalized this week.

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