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Good News for Pakistani Users Using Mobile Internet

Increase in Number of Telecom Users

Pakistani Users Using Mobile Internet There is a lot of good news for mobile internet users in Pakistan. The federal government has approved the telecom infrastructure sharing framework in which the federal government has approved the telecom infrastructure sharing framework. The telecom infrastructure sharing framework has been developed by PTA has issued this announcement while giving a statement. 

ملک بھر میں ٹیلی کام صارفین کی تعداد بہت زیادہ بڑھ گئی ہے جس میں نومبر کی نیو اپڈیٹ کے مطابق 19 کروڑ 30 لاکھ ریکارڈ کے مطابق ائے ہیں جبکہ فور جی اور تھری جی کی تعداد 11 کروڑ 40 لاکھ سے تجاویز کر چکی ہے وفاقی وزیر امین الحق کی سربراہی میں ہونے والے اجلاس میں بنایا گیا ملک بھر میں تھری جی اور فور جی صارفین کی تعداد 11 کروڑ 40 لاکھ ہے

The framework has been developed in consultation with the Ministry of IT and Telecom sector, the framework will provide licensees and regulatory mechanisms. Telecom users will benefit from affordable and quality service as 4G and 3G are much needed for telecom infrastructure sharing. Which has been completed all over Pakistan.

The Number of Users Using Broadband Service

Pakistani Users Using Mobile Internet The number of users using broadband service has reached 11.7 million and the number of IT export-free licenses is an obstacle to the increase in foreign exports. If it goes, this document will be done and the meeting of the research and development fund and police companies was held under the chairmanship of federal minister Syed Aminul Haq. In the meeting, the budget of the Universal Service Fund of 32 billion 13 crore rupees for the financial year 2022 and 23 has been approved. 

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According to the Minister of Information Technology, the Universal Service Fund has set a record for providing broadband service in the last four years and 13 years from 2006 to 2019. The number of projects of USF was limited to 69 from the year 2019 till now and projects of providing broadband service were started. Secretary Finance Member Telegram and other members also participated.

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