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PSPA Punjab Social Protection Authority Online Registration

PSPA Punjab Social Protection Authority

PSPA Punjab Social Protection Authority PSPA is trying to achieve its mandate to provide a contemporary, comprehensive, and effective social protection system to the poorest people as an independent body.
In its six-year journey, the Punjab Social Protection Authority has taken many steps by targeting the poor and the weaker sections of Punjab financially or any kind of unconditional and conditional persons.

Forming policies for social protection premises to ensure the fair distribution of resources to strengthen all its social protection measures for the province and to establish a fair distribution of resources for the province. It is formed to implement Food Education, Health Social Assistance, Social Instruction, and Labor Market Response to Researchers and New Intervention and Tips for New Intervention Monitoring Current Social Protection Programs.

PSPA Punjab Social Protection Authority Online Registration

PSPA Punjab Social Protection Authority Online Registration

PSPIA has provided cash assistance to more than 720085 beneficiaries through three different conditional and unconditional cash transfer and assets transfer programs. That is, the UCT and the Berkelin Program for the Disability Education Program are being financed by about eight thousand disabled people.
According to the Prime Minister’s Vision of the Emotion Program, the Punjab Social Protection Authority has been entrusted with the responsibility of launching numerous interference for the social protection of weak groups in Punjab.

Punjab Social Protection Authority official website

The government has now launched a Punjab feeling program in Punjab which is based on the federal sense government and ensures providing social and economic protection to the weaker sections in Punjab. This program aims to expand human development and social protection in Punjab so that eliminating poverty empowers women economically and achieves better health and education results.
The Punjab Society Program Head of Punjab Social Protection Authority, which includes existing PSPA programs and new programs for more than Rs. 62 million, has to fill space since coverage.

These programs include a new life program for the Mwaswat program for the elderly program, Khawaja Sara, a Nayee Zindagi program for the poor and orphans, the Punjab Human Capital Investment Project Martyrs Program, the Nashunoma Program for Women’s Income Program, and the Self -Defense Program, The Source Movement Program for pregnant and breastfeeding women for the PWDS step program and independent program for the transfer of productive assets.

PSPA Eligibility Check

You can check your eligibility in the Punjab Social Protection Authority to see whether you are entitled to get money from PSPA or not. The procedure is very easy. You have to follow a few steps.

  • First of all, you have to go to the original website of the Punjab Social Protection Authority.
  • There, you have to click on the Check Eligibility button
  • There you will be given a form
  • Enter your National Identity Card number in this form and enter the code given in the image.
  • After that, press the Find button
  • You will not be notified immediately of your eligibility

Objective Of PSPA

The main purpose of this program is to strengthen the poor and deserving people in Punjab and provide financial support. In addition, poor children have to make the best education and monthly stipends for people with disabilities and monthly stipends for elderly people.

List Of PSPA Programs

Many programs have been added to this program, and through these programs, different people are provided with cash transfers in different ways. All the details of all these programs will be given to you, and the method will be explained. It will go so that you can register, get financial support, and become stable.

PSPA Punjab Social Protection Authority Online Registration
  • Ehsaas Rashan Program

The first launch program by PSPA is the Ehsaas Rashan program. Through this, the poor and needy people are given rations every month. Registration for this program has also been started. If you want to register in a sense ration program and want to get ration through it, click on the registration button below.

  • Humqadam Program

Another program has been created by the Punjab Social Protection Authority that protects people with disabilities. We call this program a step program. This program also gives a wheelchair to the disabled and Rs 2,000 per month. And now, if you want to get relief, click on the registration button below you will be given all the information.

  • Masawat Program

The equation program is also created by the Punjab Social Party Program. The program also provides aid to the eunuchs. Everyone has to help in this program, which is named the equality program. In this month, Khwaja Saro is given Rs 2,000. Click the button below for registration in this program.

  • Sila-e-Fun

Sila e Fun Program is an Amdad for the poor and elderly artists. In this program, the artist, above fifty years and below fifteen thousand, is paid Rs. 5,000 monthly. The following are the registration procedures for this program. You have to click on the button below to register.

  • Bahimat Bazurg Program

The elderly program is an important program created by the Punjab Social Protection Authority. In which the poor and the elderly people are helped. This program pays two thousand rupees to elders above 60 years each month. Click the registration button below for registration in this program.

  • Zewar-e-Taleem

The government of Punjab has started a Zewar-e-Taleem program for better frying students in Punjab. The poor student is given Rs. 1,000 every month in this program. Click the button below to register and get money for this program.

  • Nayee Zindagi Program

The Government of Pakistan has also released three great programs for acid victims. It encourages these people, describes them as life goals, and treats them for free. Their transplantation is treated for free, and they are given aid. The method of joining the Nayee Zindagi Program is as follows.

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