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Register Your Complaint For Ehsaas Program Through 8171 Portal

8171 Ehsaas Complaint 2024

Ehsaas Program Through 8171 Portal: BISP has become a beacon of hope for deserving families as this program provides them with monthly financial assistance If you also want to get financial aid, then you can get financial aid easily now if you face any kind of problem, you can also register your complaint. The government of Pakistan has taken strict measures for 2024. and has decided to provide more assistance to deserving and poor families

Because many complaints were being received that when families go to collect their money, they face many difficulties The representatives charge various deductions from them which a poor person cannot afford so now you can file your complaint BISP chairperson has announced that now you can file your complaint. Now you can lodge your complaint through the citizen portal, apart from this you can also contact the helpline.

Ehsaas Program Through 8171 Web Portal

If you have done your registration in this program now if you want to check the amount whether you will get this amount this time then you can check your eligibility through the portal in 8171 Govt of Pakistan has introduced the portal to help the public so that they do not face any problem while checking the eligibility.

if you want to check your eligibility through webporter you just need to visit your National ID Card official portal which has to be entered in the first field, then in the second field you need to enter the captcha code and then press the confirm button.

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Register Your Complaint For Ehsaas Program Through 8171 Portal

Then you will be informed about your eligibility. If you are declared eligible, you can get financial assistance of 9 thousand after going to your nearest office and getting your biometrics done If you face any kind of problem while getting money then you can register your complaint To lodge a complaint you have to contact the helpline or visit the citizen portal after going there you can register your complaint your complaint will be processed soon and you will be given a solution.

Ehsaas Program Fake SMS Complaint

Remember, if you have applied for this program and are now waiting for a response or waiting for your money, keep in mind That all messages to you will be sent only through 8171 except if you receive any call or SMS from any number So you don’t need to follow this message or call at all but you have to take action against them and file a complaint against these cheating people.

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You can complain about them by visiting your nearest Benazir office or by contacting the helpline Your request will be processed immediately and you will be out of trouble if you follow these SMS So you will not be given any kind of financial assistance And action can be taken against you so be careful and trust only messages sent from 8171


8171 Ehsaas Program was introduced in 2019. The purpose of introducing this program is to provide financial assistance to the poor and deserving people of Pakistan so that they can meet their basic needs by getting this financial assistance if you are also poor and If your PMT score is less than 40% then you can also avail our assistance

The government of Pakistan has established BISP tehsil offices to make it more convenient so that deserving people can get their registration easily Apart from this, a citizen portal has been introduced to facilitate the program where the beneficiary families can register their grievances.

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