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Important News During Indian Captain Rohit Sharma's Toss Went

سیمی فائنل میں پچ تبدیلی کے بعد بھارتی کپتان روہت شرما نئے تنازع میں پھنس گئے

Important news during Indian captain Rohit Sharma’s toss Controversy viral in the first Semi-final which was played in Mumbai. In the Semi-final, a new controversy arose over Indian captain Rohit Sharma.

یاد رہے کہ سمی فائنل سے قبل ایک دن پہلے یہ نیوز ائی تھی کہ بھارتی کرکٹ بورڈ نے پچ کو تبدیل کرنے کا مطالبہ کیا اور اب یہ خبر سننے میں ارہی ہے پیچ کی تبدیلی کے بعد بھارتی کپتان روہت شرما کی جانب سے ٹاس کو دور پھینکنے پر بھی تنازع کھڑا ہو گیا 

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ICC World Cup 2023 held in India The final of the ICC World Cup 2023 will be played on November 19 at the world’s largest ground, Narendra Modi Stadium, Ahmedabad, India. located in

the final of the ICC World Cup 2023, two teams, Australia and India, will face each other at the stadium in Ahmedabad. The Indian cricket team was accused of pitch-fixing against New Zealand in the first semi-final of the World Cup 2023

According to the sources, the Indian Cricket Board demanded to change the pitch, on which the ICC’s explanation also came out, but now another piece of news has come out that Rohit Sharma threw a coin during the toss and the controversy arose. The video is going viral on Twitter.

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With which it is also being released that Rohit Sharma used to throw the coin away during the toss in all the matches. He used to throw the toss so far that the opposing captain did not know who had won the toss, while the match referee would only say that India had won the toss.

The referee used to say before seeing the toss that India had won the toss. The Indian captain not only threw away the toss in the first semi-final, but the video of him throwing away the toss during all the remaining matches is going viral.

In the mega event, Rohit Sharma bowled the toss against all the teams in the first semi-final and all the remaining matches. On the other hand, the Indian team has been accused of changing the pitch in the first semi-final without the permission of the ICC.

The semi-final was not played on the pre-arranged pitch and the pitch was changed. The first semi-final was played on pitch number six, which has already played two matches, which is helpful for the Indian spinner.

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