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Sehat Card Online Registration 2023-24 New Update

Sehat Insaf Card Program In Punjab Sehat Sahulat Program

Sehat Insaf Card Punjab Government provides health facilities for poor families whose income is too much to afford proper treatment.

If you don’t know about Sehat Insaf Card then read the information on how to avail of the Sehat Insaf Card which is given below.

Families who are poor and deserving can get up to one million medical facilities every year through the health card.

Sehat Insaf Card Program in Punjab 2023

When Imran Khan’s party PTI came to power, it saw that the people of Pakistan were suffering from health problems, so it started Sehat Insaaf Card in Punjab to solve these problems.

Dear Citizen of Punjab If you are eligible as per 8500 SMS, you can available hospitals services from empaneled hospitals by showing your CNIC/B-Form.

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A complete detailed hospital list is available at

Hospital List

Sehat Sahulat Program is managed by the Punjab Health Initiative Management Company (PHIMC) in Punjab.

All permanent residents of Punjab are requested to contact the helpline number 0800-09009




  • Patient Services (All Medical and Surgical Procedures).
  • Emergency Treatment requiring admission.
  • Maternity Services (Normal Delivery and C – Section).
  • Maternity Consultancy / Antenatal Checkups (4 times before delivery and one follow-up after delivery).
  • Maternal Consultancy for family planning, immunization, and nutrition.
  • Fractures / Injuries.
  • Post hospitalization.
  • Local Transportation Cost of PKR 1,000 (thrice per year).
  • Provision of transport to tertiary care hospitals.




  • Patient Services (All Medical and Surgical Procedures).
  • Heart diseases (Angioplasty/bypass).
  • Diabetes Mellitus Completion.
  • Burns and RTA (Life, Limb Saving Treatment, implants, Prosthesis).
  • End-stage kidney diseases/ dialysis.
  • Chronic infections (Hepatitis/HIV/Rheumatology).
  • Organ Failure (Liver, Kidney, Heart, Lungs).
  • Cancer (Chemo, Radio, Surgery).
  • Neurosurgical Procedure.

Health Insaaf Card Information

This has greatly benefited the people of Punjab and instead of paying money, they can get free treatment with a Sahat Insaaf card.

After the success of the Ehsaas Rahan program, Imran Khan announced a health card in Punjab on 13th December 2023 looking at health issues.

Once Prime Minister Imran Khan while talking about his mother said that when his mother got cancer, he was worried because of the lack of cancer treatment in Pakistan.

Considering this problem of people as his problem, he thought of introducing health cards for those who are sick at home and cannot get treatment due to a lack of facilities.

Imran Khan’s mother died of cancer. After his mother’s death, he founded Shaukat Khanum Hospital. In which people can get cancer treatment for free.

Thus, about 440 billion rupees were approved for health. On March 22, 2022, Prime Minister Imran Khan announced in the city of Lahore in Punjab that every citizen of Punjab should be given an Insaf Health Card.

Sehat Insaf Card Program In Punjab

Following are the methods to get Insaf Health Card

  • First SMS your ID card number to 8500 via mobile.
  • You can register yourself by visiting Ehsaas Health website.

If you are eligible, you can get your card by visiting the distribution center in the district health center and contacting to NADRA office to check eligibility. 

The treatment expenses will be collected from the same Insaaf Sehat card. If someone asks you for any money other than this, you can contact this number 09009-0800 or visit

Sehat Card Program: Online Qaumi Sehat Insaf Card Application By SMS at 8500, check your eligibility. Additionally, Qaumi Sehat Insaf Card Registration Online is a significant step toward social security reform since it guarantees that designated low-income residents across the nation have quick and respectable access to the health care to which they are entitled.

Through Sahat Insaf card people can get their health treatment from any hospital and even the most expensive treatment is possible through this ID card if you are your ID card your health facility card

Through the Sehat Sahulat service, you can obtain comprehensive information on Qaumi Sehat Card Check Online. All Pakistani citizens who live within the country’s borders, according to the Prime Minister of Pakistan, must

  • Punjab

  • Federal Government

  • KPK

  • Sindh

  • Baluchistan

  • AJK

  • Gilgit-Baltistan

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