Wed. May 29th, 2024
Social Media Influencer Azad Chaiwala Announced Many Freelancing Jobs

Social Media Influencers Azad Chaiwla has announced many freelancing jobs. These jobs will be given to both young men and women across Pakistan. These jobs will be about Online work, and to get these jobs, you must have a freelancing digital marketing content writing and experience in other fields. Azad, who has announced these job to expand his team.

In this website you have been told about the jobs with complete first description, you can apply online in the scale you are interested in, you have been told the complete procedure.

Offered Jobs

Azad Chaiwala Offering These Jobs.

  • Php instructors
  • Digital marketing instructors
  • Receptionists
  • Unity game developer
  • Assistant to azad chaiwala (from mirpur only)
  • Wordpress instructors
  • Python instructors
  • Video editing instructors
  • Computer teacher
  • Html5 game developer
  • Call center agent
  • React native (instructor)
  • Marriage website manager
  • Career counselors.

How To Apply?

An interested in the free Azad Chaiwala team can go to the resident of the tea website and apply for this job. The Azad Chaiwala goes to the original website and clicks the Jobs button. You have to select the job in which you are interested. Then if you meet their standards, they will contact you, and you will go to the job. Plus, the bottom-up has been given freelancing jobs. You can apply for this job by clicking upon which you are intended and ups.

You can also apply in Virtual University Jobs 2023 VU Online.

Vacancies Details:

PHP INSTRUCTORS Rwp, LahoreHow to Apply
 PYTHON INSTRUCTORS Rwp, LahoreHow to Apply
 REACT NATIVE (INSTRUCTOR) Rwp, LahoreHow to Apply
 CAREER COUNSELLORS Rwp, Lahore, MirpurHow to Apply


These jobs are closed now so you can no longer apply for the job if you need more information you can visit their official website you will get all the information. As soon as a new job comes, we will let you know which jobs this website is giving.

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