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Installment Plans for Used Cars, Announced by Suzuki Pakistan

Suzuki Installment Plans for Used Cars: Pakistan’s auto industry is facing extremely difficult times. Buying and selling used cars is very important for the survival of the largest car manufacturing company Pak Suzuki. The current economic uncertainty has left the government without a solid plan to revive the struggling industry.

 Among all the players in the market, Pakistan Suzuki Motor Company has suffered the most. All Suzuki customers are therefore informed that the company has now started giving profit to people on used cars. Meezan Bank, in collaboration with Bank Al-Falah, is introducing a one-of-a-kind scheme of used cars to attract customers

Today Pak Suzuki Officially Announced Installment Plans for Used Cars 

Suzuki Pakistan Announced the Easy Installment Plan

Whose plan comes with various benefits including concessional insurance, a 50% discount on Sharia processing fee, discounted rate of mar cup and the option of residual value financing for up to three years. The financing period is up to eight years. PSMC finds itself in a critical situation in Pakistan’s automobile sector

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In an effort to ensure its survival, the company has requested the government from Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif to reduce duty and tax on vehicles with an engine capacity of up to 1,000 cc. As the country’s largest manufacturer of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. PSMC in Pakistan is basically one of the low-engine capacity vehicles that are running in Pakistan. He hopes that after the tax cut, his car stops will increase tremendously

Suzuki Installment Plans New Update

The plan has various benefits including a 50% discount on the fee for subsidized Bima Shari’a and an option of up to three years of residual value assistance.

In light of the current situation, there is a request from the Pak Suzuki government to reduce the tax

That they should not impose additional duties and taxes in the upcoming federal budget, especially on vehicles with an engine capacity of up to 1,000 ccs.

The situation calls for careful consideration and action. Share your thoughts on the ongoing situation

Alto Car Price In Pakistan

Variant Price Filer Tax Non-Filer Tax
Alto VX PKR 2,251,000/- PKR 10,000/- PKR 30,000/-
Alto VXR PKR 2,612,000/-
Alto VXR-AGS PKR 2,799,000/-
Alto VXL-AGS PKR 2,935,000/-
Variant Price Filer Tax Non-Filer Tax
WagonR VXR PKR 3,214,000/- PKR 20,000/- PKR 60,000/-
WagonR VXL PKR 3,412,000/-
WagonR AGS PKR 3,741,000/-

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