Mon. May 27th, 2024
Urea and DAP Across the Country Recorded a Record Increase

ملک میں یوریا اور ڈی اے پی کی کھپت میں 10 ماہ کے دوران اضافہ ریکارڈ

A record consumption of 5403605 tonnes of urea was set across the country from January to the end of October Urea and DAP across the country recorded a record annual increase of 2% and 43.2% respectively in the 10 months of the year.

یوریا اور ڈی اے پی کی کھپت  رواں سال کے سالانہ بنیادوں کو مد نظر رکھتے ہوئے اضافہ قائم کیا گیا یوریا اور ڈی اے پی 2 فیصد اور 43.2  فیصد اضافے کے ساتھ ریکارڈ بنایا گیا این ایف ڈی سی اور انڈسٹری کے اعداد کے تحت جنوری سے اکتوبر ختم ہونے کے دوران ملک بھر میں 5403605 ٹن یوریا کا ریکارڈ قائم کیا گیا

in October, a record of 458826 tons of urea consumption was established in the country, which was 6.8% higher than last year’s October of 429643 tons of urea, which was recorded in October last year.

According to the data, DAP consumption set a record during the first ten months of the calendar year with a nationwide increase. A record of 1159626 tonnes of DAP was set, which was an increase of 43.2% compared to the corresponding period last year.

While a record of 809,580 tonnes of DAP was set in the same period of the previous year, a record consumption of 158,865 tonnes of DAP was set across the country in October, which is 122% higher than last year’s October. A record 71459 tonnes of DAP across the country was set in October last year

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