Mon. May 20th, 2024
WhatsApp Launched Amazing Features For User - Here is its work

WhatsApp New Features

WhatsApp is possessed by Meta, which has been upgraded and includes new features to increase the experience of users. One of the latest updates includes changes to the interface of users.

As explained by WaBetaInfo instantaneous messaging app has initiated two features first one in the context menu and second is the call button. This amendment has been submitted by the test flight beta program and the new version is Which is very useful for users.

Edit Message:

A very good feature has been added by WhatsApp that you can edit the message you send. These are great features of WhatsApp because sometimes a person makes a mistake. Write it down so you can do it right

Initial Preference:

In initial preference, the new update is available to some of iOS beta testers. It will be step by step introduced in the upcoming weeks for many users. When the users install this latest upgrade on iOS they can detect a big change in group chats with the inclusion of a new calling symbol in the chat header.

Voice Status:

After beta testing many features WhatsApp introduced the voice status on Android and iOS. It allows users to send a voice message in the form of status updates. Tap on the ‘microphone’ icon and start recording your voice message for up to 30 seconds.

Group Chats:

This new update is also included in chat groups. When the users are chatting in groups if the features are enabled, users will see different icons. According to the old feature, they can still make group calls, but in the new update, the icon includes a context menu too. The menu provides two beneficial options for users. Due to this, they can choose to make a video or audio call.

Video and Audio calls

In previous features, there was an action sheet another option for video and audio calls and there were two buttons to initiate specific calls, However, the latest feature has replaced it with a context menu.

A WhatsApp viewer explained:

“If you see a video call button with a plus sign above the icon, it means the feature is enabled for your account,”

There are eximious features in the new updates therefore many iOS users go for the context menu over the action sheet because it suggests a better visual appeal and consolidates seamlessly within the interface, resulting in a clean and effective design.

New features for WhatsApp:

New Calling Button:

After installing the latest WhatsApp beta for iOS update from the Test flight app, some users notice a new calling icon within the chat header. This icon still allows group participants to place group calls but it now displays a context menu, allowing them to choose whether to make an audio or video call. You can immediately understand if the context menu is available on your account by simply looking at the calling icon in your group chats.

WhatsApp search for messages by date

For all iPhone users WhatsApp search for message by date feature is available now. It will help to find specific messages in a long chat history. To look for messages by date, select the calendar icon just above the on-screen keyboard and choose the date and month.

Dedicated video mode:

WhatsApp has renovated the built-in camera interface by introducing a dedicated video mode. The dedicated video mode is currently available on version number for Android. With the changed UI, the video option now has a button that the users can select to record videos, just like in the case of a phone’s default camera app. 

Status Profile Ring:

Status profile ring is also the newest feature in WhatsApp. Through this feature, the user will be able to see the status of their contacts on the home screen. It shows in green colored on the profile picture of the user contact.

Companion mode:

After a long time, WhatsApp has disclosed the ability to use the same account on two mobiles with companion mode. When the users enable this mode they do not log out from their primary mobile when they are signing into another phone.

Chat lock:

Chat lock is also the latest feature of WhatsApp. In this feature, the users are allowed to add their face lock and fingerprint lock to private chats and groups on iPhones. All the chats will be secured by adding these two locks.

Picture-in-Picture for video calls on iOS:

Through these features WhatsApp users are enjoying their video calls through picture-in-picture mode from the previous few months. The same is introduced on the iPhone which allows the users to browse through other apps. While pip for video calls enables to perform multi-task.


The purpose of launching New WhatsApp was this. That is, those people who use WhatsApp very simply, have a modern technology feature inside this WhatsApp. By using this they can prove themselves as a brand. Like if your friend sends you something and deletes it. So in that time that thing will not be deleted by you but will be saved by you.

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